Artist Biography

Aisling, younger sister of Anna, started visiting the Turks and Caicos at the age of fifteen (15) and up to this day, she continues to be inspired, in all areas of her life by the unique people and landscape of this maritime jewel.  She studied photography at the Cheltenham College of Art and Design receiving a BA in visual communication.  She continued to indulge her creative impulses through photography, graphic design and painting.  She now lives and works as full time artist in New Zealand, but still manages to sneek away back here to Provo, her very own special place.

Anna Bourne is completely self-taught. She discovered painting at the age of 25 and soon after began working as a full time artist.  She works in many mediums such as, silk painting (for which she is best known),watercolor, acrylic, oil, conte crayon, glass and also jewelry. Anna lives full time in the Turks and Caicos Islands with her two boys. Her inspiration comes from the vivid colors and people of the islands, flora and fauna of the area. Her work is owned and enjoyed by art lovers in many countries.

Beatrix Neuhaus discovered photography as a hobby in 2005, since then it has became her passion.   It has heightened her awareness for the beauty in nature and it bring her joy to share her love for the work she does.  The gallery shows her amazing photographs of the island matted and mounted and ready to go.
More of her work can be found at dreamscape images

Danielange "Dani" Dorilus is one of our youngest artists as well as an employee here at Anna's Art Gallery. She was born in Haiti but raised here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. She is an evolving artist that indulges herself in different areas such as drawing, painting, textile decoration, graphic design and jewelry design.
To see more of her work, visit her art page on facebook - DanImaginations
Visit her blog page - DanImaginations

David Gallardo, a native from Barcelona is a professional photographer here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.   He has been capturing the people, places, and natural beauty of this country for over a decade. As a professional underwater photographer/scuba diver David has produced some of the most vivid, incredible marine biodiversity images of what lies beneath our waves.  Please visit worldofoceans to see more.

When Diana first start visiting providenciales in the 90's, she had no idea she'd spend her winters here years later. The natural beauty of the turks and caicos Islands has inspired her in many ways, but it is with the clear, tropical waters and its variety of life that she identifies with most. Her husband and she spend the winter months here in provo on their sailboat, where she is expresses her inspiration with the craft of making jewelry that reflects this beauty.

Mrs. Edith Burns hails form the beautiful island of South Caicos, the fishing capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Having spent most of her life in the Bahamas, where she developed the skill of shell art and designs.  She made a conscious decision to return to her native land in January, 2003 to give back to her country and share her knowledge.

Julie Fountain is the award winning artist behind Beach Art Glass, working from her studio in beautiful Malvern, England, where she has been making and teaching glass beadmaking since 2007. She was first drawn to bead making when she discovered the glass itself, beautiful rods in gleaming jewel colours, just waiting to be melted and combined into new shapes and textures. In 2014 Julie was thrilled to be invited to work with international brand Trollbeads. She is now a Trollbeads Accredited Lampworker, and can be seen demonstrating for the company at events around the UK.
In November 2015, after a successful first 6 months of trading, Beach Art Glass won the Enterprising Worcestershire Creative Business Award 2015.





Krystin Mann moved to Provo in 1995.  She and her husband Andy, own Tropical Imaging.  Her current works in the Gallery includes of Digital Painting ( a graphic tablet, stylus and computer program that allows her to use photographs as reference, to paint on a digital canvas).  She also makes beautiful jewelry (necklaces, bracelets and earrings).   In addition to doing commissioned painting for Tropical Imaging clients, she volunteers at her kid's school teaching photography, Photoshop and digital painting.  She works in traditional mediums (acrylic, pastels, ink and charcoals). 

For many years, Salt Cay was the center of the salt industry in the Caribbean and a rich heritage remains for the people who call Salt Cay home. Drawing from the history of Salt Cay, it is my mission to use renewable,organic resources to create unique products for today's modern world.
Salt Cay Salt Works uses the organic sea salt formed naturally on Salt Cay to make Bath Salts, Culinary Salts and the premier cooking salt, Fleur de Sel.  We package these salts in a variety of corked  tubes, bottles and jars ready for your bath, table or kitchen or to use as gifts and mementos of your visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands.  
We also manufacture lovely scented soaps for your pleasure.Local residents from the island of Salt Cay labor to provide these special, natural products from our little piece of paradise.  We hope you find them delightful and enjoy using them in your home.
I am proud to promote the island of Salt Cay in the Turks & Caicos Islands.  I call Salt Cay home for most of the year and love my island family.Haidee Williams. Owner, Salt Cay Salt Works

Provo Line is a local Turks & Caicos Islands producer of Natural Skincare Products.

Our Rejouvenance & SkintinuousCare Product Lines are a fresh new approach that combines pure, natural and organic ingredients. The unique gourmet ingredients are harvested from exotic botanicals and are delicately extracted and united with natural plant & mineral colours.

Our products are not synthetically produced and they are ecologically ethical. (Ingredients are grown, harvested and produced in an ecological and sustainable manner, and are not extracted or processed using anything other than natural sources.)

Are products are:
NOT exposed to irradiation
NOT tested on animals

and they contain:
NO GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)
NO synthetic preservatives
NO artificial colours